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Pet Vaccinations in St. Paul, MN

One of the most important methods of disease prevention in animals is, without question, pet immunizations. When you need to update your animal's pet vaccinations in St. Paul, Minnesota, schedule an appointment at Highland Animal Hospital. We offer all of the traditional and specialized vaccinations for your furry friends.

The veterinarians at our animal hospital provide animal vaccinations to improve the overall health of pets and increase their resistance to diseases and conditions that can be fatal. Diseases such as feline leukemia and canine distemper have all been greatly reduced and nearly eliminated due to pet immunizations.

Schedule Pet Immunizations for Your Cat & Dog

Booster animal vaccinations should be regularly scheduled for the continued health and overall wellbeing of your cat or dog. After your first visit to our animal hospital, we can plan a convenient schedule for all of your pet immunizations. Designed to stimulate immune responses in your pet, vaccinations protect your pets from deadly and contagious diseases. They are a vital part of your pet's preventive health care.

Looking for Animal Vaccinations in Your Area?

At our animal hospital, we carry all of the basic animal vaccinations that your pet needs to help him or her live a full and happy life. We give these core vaccinations to all of our patients, and we also design a specific nontraditional program as need arises. Some of the other animal vaccinations we offer are required due to geographical locations or animal lifestyles and activity levels. We will meet with you to discuss the best course of action to move forward with your pet immunizations.

Vet with Dog in St. Paul, MN

Learn More about Our Core Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations prevent diseases that are potentially fatal to dogs and cats. We provide animal vaccinations for all of the following ailments and diseases:

Rabies—Fatal Viral Disease Attacks Nervous System, Contagious to Humans
Distemper—Often Fatal Viral Disease Impacts Gastrointestinal & Respiratory Tracts
Hepatitis—Potentially Fatal Viral Disease Harms the Liver & Other Organ Systems
Parvovirus—Potentially Fatal Disease Causes Diarrhea & Vomiting
Parainfluenza—Viral Disease Causes Kennel Cough & Affects the Respiratory System

Contact us today and keep your pet immunized with our pet vaccinations. We give shots to pets anywhere in St. Paul, Minnesota, including the Highland Park and Summit Hills communities.