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Pet Spaying in St. Paul, MN

Pet neutering and pet spaying in St. Paul, Minnesota, help to control the unmanageable growth of animal populations. At Highland Animal Hospital, we also perform these routine surgical procedures to improve the quality of life and health for dogs and cats throughout the St. Paul area, including the Highland Park and Summit Hills communities.

Animal spaying and neutering have several scientifically proven benefits to the overall health and wellbeing of dogs and cats. Besides the medical benefits of pet spaying and neutering, most animal owners also see a positive improvement in pet behavior as a result of  these extremely safe procedures.

Dog and Puppy in St. Paul, MN

Learn More about the Benefits of Pet Neutering

One of the most beneficial effects of pet neutering is the prevention of mammary cancer in dogs and cats. If we spay a dog before she enters her first heat, there is a nearly 0% chance that she will develop mammary cancer later in her life. Even if your pet has entered her first or second heat before she undergoes pet neutering, the chances only rise to 25%. These statistics are the same for cats and dogs.

Preventing this potentially fatal form of cancer is an excellent reason for animal spaying and neutering, but other benefits include preventing females from developing a bacterial infection of the uterus called pyometra. This infection can only be treated by a costly surgery.

Other Conditions Aided by Animal Spaying & Neutering

Uterine and ovarian cancer in animals can be avoided 100% of the time with proper animal spaying. In addition, spaying stops dogs and cats from going into heat on a regularly recurring basis. Neutering a dog also prevents prostate problems as they age. Benign prostate hyperplasia and other infections can result in painful and life-threatening conditions that require invasive surgical intervention.

While there are no concrete statistics that animal neutering and spaying have a direct correlation with behavioral changes, many pet owners have seen the following positive changes in their pets' behavior:

• Reduced Instances of Urine Marking • Lessened Aggression toward Other Animals • Reduced Territorial Aggression

Contact us today when you need spaying or neutering for your dog or cat. We handle these operations for pet owners all over St. Paul, Minnesota, including the Highland Park and Summit Hills communities.